Based on modern technologies and our knowledge we develop a tool supporting corporate sales force. The tool is used to conduct product distribution research at the point of sale as well as to measure on-shelf availability within each category.
As a result of the team’s work a mobile application has been created. The sales representative logs into the system, selects a particular category of products and takes pictures of the shelves. The application sends captured images to the server where the image database is located.
Products are recognized with accuracy to the individual SKUs then counted and finally compared with the products of competition within the category.
Depending on the individual needs of the customer, the system sends a personalized, up-to-date report from chosen point of sale.
The report is available within the application and can be further analyzed and stored
Reports are created within 1-10 minutes* from the moment of receiving photography.

Login to Your app

Choose raport – On-shelf Avaliability

Choose category

Make some pictures

Send Your pictures to our DataCenter

Data processing

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